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Middle Ear Infections (Otitis Media)  //

Middle ear infections can be very painful, cause fevers and sometimes cause the ear drum to perforate. In these cases there will often be copious yellow discharge from the ear. They are common following a cold or flu and are most common in small children. 


If discharging, the ear should be kept dry and sometimes antibiotics are required. We can also help by using gentle microsuction to clean any discharge from the canal and prescribe any medication which may be required. We can also reassess the ear after the infection has cleared using microscopy, to ensure any perforation has healed. 

Monitoring of Perforations of the Ear Drum  //

Perforations can occur with infection, trauma or pressure changes. Most perforations heal on their own if the ear is kept dry. We can inspect the ear drum to ensure they have healed and if needed we can refer on to a local ENT surgeon for surgical intervention if it does not heal with time.


Anyone with a perforated ear drum should NOT have their ears syringed. Therefore for those people with a chronic perforation, for whom surgical repair may not be appropriate, we can help to clear ear wax with the safer technique of microsuction. 

Primary Care Ear Clinic
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