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External Ear Infections (Otitis Externa or Swimmer's Ear)  //

A major cause of Otitis Externa is water in the ear canals, hence it's common name of Swimmer's Ear. It is characterised by pain in the external ear canal, sometimes extending onto the outer ear itself​. It is often tender to touch over the canal and the canal can become so swollen it can start to close and cause blocked hearing. There is sometimes a watery discharge too. It can be very serious in people with Diabetes and requires prompt treatment. 

The main course of treatment for Otitis Externa is keeping the ear completely dry and microsuction. It can also be treated with antibiotic and steroid ear drops or ant-fungal ear drops if it is found to be a fungal infection. If the canal is closed, it may require a 'wick' to be inserted into the canal to allow the drops to penetrate into the canal itself. 

At the Primary Care Ear Clinic we can clean the canal using gentle and safe microsuction, we can insert a wick if needed and prescribe the required drops. For cases of Otitis Externa referred by a GP, please advise us by telephone and we will try and accommodate you in our next clinic if at all possible. 

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