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Medicare patients. 

Fees from 1st January 2024

Patients with a valid Medicare card will be charged a fee of $130, but will then be rebated $80.10 by Medicare. This makes the 'out-of-pocket' or 'gap' of $49.90


Short appointments, for example some follow up visits, will be charged at $90, but will be rebated $41.40 by Medicare, still leaving a gap of $48.60

Please note that there are no rebates from private health insurance providers.

DVA patients.

DVA fees depend on the card type but all DVA Gold card holders will be BULK BILLED for all services. 

Private patients.

Private patients (for example overseas visitors) will be charged $130 for the consultation which includes all procedures required. A receipt can be provided to assist in claiming on insurance if applicable. 

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